Automation system and rolling door

Automatic sliding doors

automatic sliding

automatic sliding

The automatic release is built into the supporting profile to facilitate installation and to
release the door during an emergency. For single entrances, a second release point can be
connected externally to the door.

Position the mounting profile at the right height with relation to the ground.
Align the profile horizontally and fasten it to the support using the holes.
Position the beam onto the mounting profile and fasten it using the
four pre-punched holes at the ends.
Complete the mounting job by fastening the carter and the lateral covers.

Door leaves up to 130 Kg

Innovative solution for sliding doors

  • Easy to install operator.
  • It is ideal for operating sliding doors in densely populated public facilities: hospitals, airports, public administration offices.
  • System safety thanks to the 24 V DC technology.
  • Adjustable operating and slow-down speeds.
  • Operator with encoder and obstacle detection.
  • USB port built-into the function selector to upload and download configurations from one door to another.
  • Cordless function selector for remotely managing all included features.
  • Clock module for controlling times and features via the optional daily timer.
  • Combined connection and standard “open by rotating” feature on the control panel for connecting two operators via a tri-polar cable.
  • Exclusive connection for the 001TSP00 proximity reader and digital type 001S5000 – 001S6000 – 001S7000 keypads (max. 25 users).
  • Can be commanded by radio transmitter by adding a receiver.


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