Automation system and rolling door

Rolling doors

shutters doors

shutters doors

Curve and lined steel profile produced with PVC coated steel plate.
This profile results in a “elegant and robust” alternative to the common metallic shutters. Usually used for garage doors and shops, available
in various colors.
It can be matched with a complete series of accessories for classic assembly, Box Systems, or Sliding Systems.

Roller door with style, beautiful appearance and elegant pattern,it creates rich commercial atmosphere together with door’s

Roller door have advanced operation ways icluses manual, electric and remote-controlled with automatic locking device.
simple and safe operation and free-noise is marchless to traditional rolling door.
Protrcts from sunshine and high resistance for hot temperature & colld and bad weather conditions, all colors available for decorating buildings.

shutters specifications:

Section mm Weight kg/m2 Slats
19×77 13 N° 13

All accessories needed by the roller doors were manufactured quality European

installation rolling doors

installation rolling doors

  1.  walls with threaded hole
  2.  french type flange
  3.  guide mouth
  4.  connecting hook for boxes
  5. spring steel
  6. spring box
  7.  central motors
  8.  winding shaft
  9.  guide
  10.  steel shutters single
  11.  laste panel
  12.  profile for lock
  13. supports profile lock
  14.  spear for lock
  15.  lock



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