Automation system and rolling door

Automatic Revolving Door

automatic revolving door

automatic revolving door

It is one of the most preferred door systems to relieve people traffic for buildings congested with high levels of entry and exit. it is also a feature of architecture which complements the face of buildings aesthetically and offers and offers solutions for attractive entrances where required.


Product specifications:

possibility of manual operation in case of power cuts. it is specially produced from special aluminium profiles 30mm deep and 90 mm high with elegant and aesthetic appearance. possibility of free passage height between 2200 mm – 4800 mm. possibility of free passage height between 2200 mm – 3000 mm options of 3 or 4 wings. controlling with microcotroller. thanks to use of elevated horizontal slide 4 cm high from the level base inside the bottom plate, the system does not. deteriorate in time by dust, dirt or damp, water proof upper deck, load bearing profiles are of thickness 2 mm.
Wing profiles are of thickness 1.5 mm. upper canopy height which can be increased upon request. wing doors always being in closed position inall arrangements of operation. fixed wing glasses 4 mm+4 mm laminated curved glass wing glasses are 4 mm+5 mm laminated glasses.


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