Automation system and rolling door

Rolling doors

Curve and lined steel profile produced with PVC coated steel plate.
This profile results in a “elegant and robust” alternative to the common metallic shutters. Usually used for garage doors and shops, available
in various colors.

Sliding doors

Operator designed for the automatic operation of sliding gates and doors up to 500-3500kg of weight.
simple and functional, it can be used for any type of garden garage detached houses, apartment blocks and large companies .

Automatic sliding doors

The automatic release is built into the supporting profile to facilitate installation and to
release the door during an emergency. For single entrances, a second release point can be
connected externally to the door.

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Mohammad fallah

Electronics Engineer/Sales

I joined Safco as electronics engineer/ sales in August 2013, prior to this I had worked in the industry for 5 years. I am single.

We have focused on four key issues, improving the quality of our products, simplifying procedures and first class customer service and I am pleased to say the progress in such a short time has been amazing. Finally our people, I believe we have the best team in our industry.

We have now established a solid platform and it is my intention to make Safco the market leader.

Mohammad fallah

Safe Line for Building Technology

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